Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Smart wireless networks

Wireless Networks are a boon to data communication in today’s world. They provide easy data transfer and reliable transfer of information between the entities that are communicating. The latest advancements in wireless networks are smart wireless networks. These networks are those which have the capacity of organizing themselves in an efficient manner. They detect systems that are not performing to the expected level and the route the packets to a different path which does not contain these under-performing systems. Hence, the data transfer through these networks is of good speed and of highly reliable nature. Nowadays, there is a high demand for good mobile broadband. A solution to this is mobile WiMax. ASN gateway is a major component of WiMax. The main characteristic of ASN gateway is, it controls traffic and aggregates subscribers with in an access network. It delivers strong data and voice transfer services by means of intelligent systems thereby providing enhanced and improved services to its users. Wichorus is another aspect of smart wireless networks that provide carrier class intelligent ASN GW solutions for WiMax. It delivers maximum performance and providing differentiated services. It works with any NWG-complaint base station. These advancements make smart wireless networks a leading technology in data communication

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Technology news

Technology is everywhere, right from your portable DvD player to the mp3 player which you use everyday to hear music. Without technology, its impossible to see our world in this condition and i couldn't have sat before my own workstation and blog about the technology in which it runs now. Truth to tell, we all are technology followers but little do we get time to share the technology that we might know to others who wouldn't have heard of it anywhere. So, this blog of mine is dedicated to sharing my learnings of technology with the outside world and the curiosity to learn more drives me to seek more information about technology. Simply put, technology is defined as that term that is used to inform the user of the device about how, why and using what the device runs on. By hearing the term technology, the first term that lands in our minds is that of cell phones or computers because these are the most common devices that we come across in our everyday lives. But little do we know that technology is not limited to devices alone. It can be defined in a more broader perspective. So, stay tuned to Tech Town News and update yourself with the contemporary and yet to come technologies from mankind.