Thursday, January 1, 2009

The integrated EPOCH suite for networkers

EPOCH IPS abbreviated as EPOCH Integrated Protocol Suite is a new technology incorporated with the satellite control systems. It extends the life of a satellite control system to an extra life span of 15 years from its original life span thereby increasing the reliability of the users on a particular satellite control system. This new technology has been specifically formulated to satisfy the increasing requirements of ESA abbreviated as European Space Agency for its satellite programs. It involves the entire spacecraft commanding at 64 kbps and has implemented the basic standards namely European standards for space craft operations. The major functionality of EPOCH IPS is that it delivers a command queue and also a command history in addition to the real time GUI abbreviated as Graphical User Interface displays. The main features of EPOCH IPS PUS include command verification for immediate and time tagged commands, joining of ECSS PUS reports and EPOCH telemetry verification. Commanding includes full ECSS PUS command formats, including sub-formats and all ECSS PUS command point types. ECSS PUS satellite housekeeping and diagnostic telemetry format decommutation. It also includes ‘on the fly’ satellite telemetry programming and also immediate updating of the decommutation logic in the ground system.

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