Friday, January 16, 2009

Smarts IT management for routing

EMC Smarts IT management platform is a new technology which is concerned with routing of packets in a network. It allows its users to gain access to real time information of the routing behavior of the network with the help of a module that integrates route analytics technology from packet design into the smarts environments. This module is called Holonomix. This module gives information about the topology of routing and Packet Design’s Route explorer. The users of Smarts are alerted whenever the route changes and traffic is rerouted. So, it is easy to track out faulty routes and repair them. Since they can have a real time view of the network it is easy for the users to have a better knowledge of the network. The use of Holonomix integrator and software developer has provided wonderful capabilities of the system like consulting, deployment, integration, software development and other support operations. It includes another module also called S3c- PIM module which also provides additional functionality to the system. The major task of this module is that it imports routing information from route explorer into the Smarts data repository. Its mode of operation is through direct integration at the API- level with the Smarts application suite.

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