Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Imagers in medical technology

Imagers have become a vital part of today’s medical field and it has become an essential requirement of a good hospital. Recently, the world’s largest imager has been developed by Rutherford- Appleton laboratories which form the future of medical scanners. The main advantage of this technology is that with the help of this technology doctors can produce more sensitive and faster images on the body of a human at a very reasonable cost to the profession of healthcare. The technology also provides the functionality of analyzing instantly the medical screening tests and a valuable chance of detecting the deadly disease, cancer in its earlier stages itself. The imager is very easy to use and it is comparatively faster than the currently used scanners that scan the human body. The imager is developed with a very large, active pixel sensors which are specially designed for its usage in clinical applications like x ray imaging and mammography. The imager is about 15 times larger when compared to the area of the intel processors nowadays. The future of this imagers are said to be wafer scale imagers which would eliminate the need for costlier and inefficient lenses and enable cost effective, sensitive and faster medical imaging systems.

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