Friday, February 13, 2009

Cool your brain with technology

Brain coolers are a new technology that is surprising the medical field nowadays. These brain coolers perform a great and valuable function of saving the lives of many cardiac patients for whom the present treatment is ineffective. Brain cooling has been one of the most successful technologies that have increased the survival rates of the affected patients. Brain cooling not only increases the survival rate of the victims but also it makes the brain function better when compared to its previous conditions. The device designed employing this kind of brain cooling is called Benechill which can be used easily and conveniently without any medical training from the medical officials. The device uses perfluorochemicals, which are already used widely in eye surgeries and also for liquid ventilation of the lungs which are stored in the same canisters that are delivered to the nose as a fine mist through a nasal tube which is inserted into each nostril. Once these chemicals hit the back of the nose, they evaporate and release heat from the nose and the temperature drop that results is directly transferred to the brain since the brain lies adjacent to the nasal cavity. The device can bring two degree drop in one hour which is six times faster when compared to other methods.

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