Thursday, February 26, 2009

A trusty equivalent of steel

There is a saying that steel are the hardest ones next to the nanotechnology but, now we need to rewrite the history as the Lightweight metallic glass is much stronger than that of the steel. Yes, it is true. Already many companies foresee the use of this robust material in many applications from golf clubs to airplane gradient parts. This new kind of glass is made from stiff alloy and it has been honeycombed with soft crystals, that is both harder and tougher than steel. If we see the microscopic image, the atoms of this lightweight metallic glass are more closely packed than that of the steel and it has been proved by National Academy of Science. Usually a glass is made up of transparent silicon, but here mixture was deferred by opaque titanium and zirconium and is marvelous piece is lesser in weight than steel. The problem with most glass products like they have very bad fatigue resistance and now it has been completely eradicated in this alloy glass by Californian scientists. When we compare with normal glass the fatigue resistance is improved by a factor of 10 and hence it is stronger than steel. Here crystalline structures are uniform, allowing groups of atoms to slide past one another with relative ease, which stops cracks from forming and spreading.

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