Sunday, April 26, 2009

Background checks have become need of the day

The growing problem for most people in today's fast paced world is the trust we can lay upon the people we come across. The trust is of maximum importance when it comes to hiring somebody for a job or looking for a spouse or just to test a suspicious friend. In order to have a proper check about the above mentioned cases, Data Check Inc offers a completely professional means to having pre employment checks or background checks. When it comes to hiring, the employers cannot afford to hire a wrong employee as it may lead to low productivity or even put the company and its workers into risk. Data Check Inc offers a thorough pre employment background checks to the employer. They have access to critical information like criminal records on a state and national level, past employment, Credit Reports, drug screening and other information. All the checks are done by a team of professional people who are trained to make the right kind of checks that every employer needs about their employees. Also they offer background investigation which may be of great help to people who wished to get married to a less known person. These background checks provide criminal record report, social security number verification report, driving record check, and a nationwide sex offender registry report. One could also make use of the option to have credit checks on the employees before hiring them. Also the credit checks could help lenders check their borrowers before lending to them.

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  1. Another very good company that provides outstanding services and in over 95% of the cases, a 5-day turnaround time, is HR ProFile Employment Screening and Drug Testing. Check out their HR ProFile Employment Screening and Background Checks page for a complete description of service offerings.