Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Windows 7 is the next upgrade

Windows 7 will be the next version of Microsoft Windows. Windows is basically an operating system produced by Microsoft for use on computers. The development period for Windows 7 has been set as three years after the release of Vista. Microsoft’s Vista was launched in 2007 and so one can anticipate Windows 7 by 2010. Windows 7 is expected to be upgrade to the whole range of Windows launched till date. If one goes by the pre production Presentations released by the company in 2008, Microsoft has focused on multi-touch support with a new taskbar, a home networking system and certain other performance improvements. Some applications like Windows Movie Maker and Windows Photo Gallery have been excluded in Windows 7. They can be added as an additional component.


  1. Great post! I thought I’d drop off the link to the download area for the new Windows Live products (Movie Maker, Messenger, Photo Gallery, etc.)

    Windows Outreach Team