Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Running out of power?, get charged in seconds

It has been a dream in most of the billion dollar companies where they produce short-term power supplying devices like Battery, Ups and Rechargeable Batteries. Now the professor Gerbrand of MIT and his graduate student make this dream come true. Usually it will take hours to charge up a battery pack, but by this method it will reduced to few seconds, by tweaking a material already being used in lithium-ion batteries to cut the time down to a fraction of the usual wait. This process involves processing lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) in an unusual way. The tweak has the potential to change the way we use gizmos ranging from mobile phones and laptops to plug-in electric vehicles over the next couple of years. These batteries have been mainly targeted for use in a variety of plug-in vehicles, but when comes to taking in and pushing out electrical energy the batteries become sluggish in its shortcoming. There was no intrinsic reason why the ions should be moving so slowly through the battery's energy-storing material. The problem was that the ions had to move in specific directions across the surface of the material in order to enter nanoscale "tunnels" leading into the material itself. It was as if the ions had to follow a maze of surface streets to enter a transit tunnel.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Take your Voice over IP !

Voice over IP is one of the mind blowing technologies used in communication and data transfer nowadays. It incorporates reduced phone rates for its subscribers and it is one of the most widely used technologies. The new voice over IP technology provides the best quality service rather than its previous version. It is very handy to use and renders wide variety of features and values to its subscribers. When compared to broadband connection, the usage of this technology has become very cheap and reliable. It is very robust in nature and depends on the climatic conditions of the area it is used. It involves efficient routing of packets that carry data and it processes them very quickly. One more advantage is that the packets arrive at the same receiver and at the same time interval through different routes and the voice over IP software gathers all these packets, arranges them according to the sequence numbers in the frames of the packets and sends them to the respective receiver. Hence, it prevents data from being dropped in the route and maintains correctness of the packets thereby preventing the receiver from receiving irrelevant data or collapsed data. The growth of voice over IP is in such a way that it will replace traditional telecommunication methods and devices in the years to come.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Smarts IT management for routing

EMC Smarts IT management platform is a new technology which is concerned with routing of packets in a network. It allows its users to gain access to real time information of the routing behavior of the network with the help of a module that integrates route analytics technology from packet design into the smarts environments. This module is called Holonomix. This module gives information about the topology of routing and Packet Design’s Route explorer. The users of Smarts are alerted whenever the route changes and traffic is rerouted. So, it is easy to track out faulty routes and repair them. Since they can have a real time view of the network it is easy for the users to have a better knowledge of the network. The use of Holonomix integrator and software developer has provided wonderful capabilities of the system like consulting, deployment, integration, software development and other support operations. It includes another module also called S3c- PIM module which also provides additional functionality to the system. The major task of this module is that it imports routing information from route explorer into the Smarts data repository. Its mode of operation is through direct integration at the API- level with the Smarts application suite.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Packet processors are in demand

Packet processors in communication networks have increasing demand in today’s technical world because of the technological advancements in them. The series of concerto 100 packet processors are a product of Mindspeed technologies which meet the growing needs of the technical world today. They provide good performance of integrated system on chip architecture. The new family of devices will enable the service providers to deploy sophisticated and reliable services with a throughput of high packet density which is required for transferring the future multimedia contents to the users of the service providers. These packet processors provide unprecedented price and performance with full efficiency within the range of pin compatible devices that will allow customer premise equipment referred as CPE manufacturers to design a group of improved gateway solutions using the same software architecture to support broadband home routers, enterprise service routers and high end integrated access devices. With the help of these packet processors the service providers will have the provision of having the application and performance headroom to deploy new revenue generating services to their broadband home and SME subscribers with capabilities such as sophisticated data routing with QoS, carrier class voice over ip, ipv6 support, virtual private networks with firewalls etc.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Adaptive optics for astronomy

Adaptive optics is a popular technique providing excellent results in the science of astronomy. These technologies have provided a vivid view of the composition of the galaxy to its users in an efficient and productive way. The main advantage of this technology is that it has provided the areas and the surroundings of two super massive black holes which are located at the middle of an ongoing collision between a pair of galaxies that are located 300 million light years away. The galaxy merger called 6240 has revealed that those black holes lie at the middle of a rotating group of stars and which is surrounded by a group of young stars produced in the merger. The information about these black holes helps us in understanding how the universe turned into the galaxies and structures of today. Adaptive optics is a system comprised of telescopes, computers, deformable mirrors and many other components. With the help of these technologies, the correct position of the active nuclei present in these pair of galaxies can be easily found. The interaction between these black holes and the stars located with them can also be studied. From the above information we can get valuable set of clues of figuring out how these tiny units gather to form galaxies. 

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The integrated EPOCH suite for networkers

EPOCH IPS abbreviated as EPOCH Integrated Protocol Suite is a new technology incorporated with the satellite control systems. It extends the life of a satellite control system to an extra life span of 15 years from its original life span thereby increasing the reliability of the users on a particular satellite control system. This new technology has been specifically formulated to satisfy the increasing requirements of ESA abbreviated as European Space Agency for its satellite programs. It involves the entire spacecraft commanding at 64 kbps and has implemented the basic standards namely European standards for space craft operations. The major functionality of EPOCH IPS is that it delivers a command queue and also a command history in addition to the real time GUI abbreviated as Graphical User Interface displays. The main features of EPOCH IPS PUS include command verification for immediate and time tagged commands, joining of ECSS PUS reports and EPOCH telemetry verification. Commanding includes full ECSS PUS command formats, including sub-formats and all ECSS PUS command point types. ECSS PUS satellite housekeeping and diagnostic telemetry format decommutation. It also includes ‘on the fly’ satellite telemetry programming and also immediate updating of the decommutation logic in the ground system.