Saturday, January 16, 2010

Radar Guns

I was quite excited to see our Baseball coach using a radar gun for training the bowlers. The radar gun was helpful in determining the speed of the ball so accurately that it could be used for further analysis and improvement of the players. Not only did it measure the speed and movement it also could show the trails of the ball movements. Speaking about the trails, you could just imagine how much these radar guns would be useful in other sports as well as in controlling speed by traffic police. Once, my friend was caught due to over-speeding on the city roads. It was unfortunate. But it is really helpful because of the increasing number of accidents. In other sports like tennis where the speed of the ball is high and the movement is continuous, these radar guns are very useful. Moreover the trails are used in determining whether the ball is out or not. In cricket, it is used to see the height of the ball and the hitting of the stumps. The whole technology of using radars for fun is quite exciting.
There are radar guns at various price ranges. Remote LCD or LED display boards come along with the radar guns as accessories.

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