Thursday, February 18, 2010

Donations for you!

This should be one of the most different topics I would have ever written about. It is quite close to humanity and away from the concrete world and the technology. It is about the charity and donations. We have seen people donate money, food, clothes, blood and even organs. But what I came across was a new kind of donation. The Car Donations was a new concept for me where a lot of people donate cars to people who can use them to earn their living. The donation is not a one-time help. It is a help through which people can earn every day and grow in their lives. The next is one of the most humble donations called the House Donations. People donate houses to run small businesses or to conduct functions and important events. This gives people to stay for a while. The causes may be noble because I heard one aunt of mine is donating her house to conduct meetings on de-addictions. Similarly for other charitable causes, people have started donating money and houses. These days, people donate boats as well. Boat Donations are becoming common because space in the city is so congested and other towns are quite far. People making livelihood in waters can make use of this option of donated boats.

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