Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Grandfather clocks are majestic

Grandfather clocks have always been a fascination for me. It gives me a strange feeling of living in a peaceful past. The antique nature of the huge pendulum clocks gives my house an extra lift in terms of prestige. The nicely carved mahogany or teak or rose wood is just so wonderful that I can keep on staring at it the whole day. Who would not like a pendulum? Umpteen digital clocks and projections would not level the majestic grandfather clock. The grandfather clocks are available these days either as a second hand or a look alike of the old clocks which becomes brand new. They contain the exact shine and performance. If you wonder where to search for antiques around you, just go online and visit one of the many sites which offer huge variety of grandfather clocks. I brought mine just through the internet and also have recommended a few of my friends who were dumb-struck by the charm of an antique at home.

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