Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mobile marketing

Marketing of products are services have become a necessity these days. It is rightly said that necessity is the mother of invention. The reach of advertising to a lot of people has become the crux of the day. It combines with the speed of spreading of messages. Initially it was through television and radio media followed by the Internet. Now technology has enabled people to get instant updates right to their hand held devices like mobiles, PDAs and Blackberrys. This is the power of Mobile marketing. Though some of the information sent through the public network is not relevant, some of them are quite useful like the news service or the job opportunities.
One such service provider is the Cellit Mobile Marketing which enables the companies to send to the target customers the desired messages. These companies can design their own messages through the websites provided by Cellit and specify the target to which the messages have to be sent. Cellit provides solutions to the companies as to how long the message should be and to what kind of devices the messages have to be sent.
The most convenient part of using Cellit is that it gives Shortcodes to send messages which are unique to each company. The Shortcodes are 5 digit codes given to each company while registering with Cellit. The messages can include promotions and other competitions where people can text to win a lottery or several prizes. Mobile marketing has become like Viral Marketing and is spreading everywhere. It has become the need of the day and people are quite satisfied with the services provided by the Marketing companies. In turn, the revenue generated by the companies by thousands of messages is also very lucrative. Most companies are turning their heads towards this medium to ensure their survival in the market.

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