Thursday, February 4, 2010

Systems with the grace

The internet technology and the impact of these have been reflected on many of the interactions and happenings in the world of internet. The hardware that is associated with the internet is enormous and it is sometimes mind blowing to imagine the amount of information stored and retrieved every single day. It needs really good servers that would be able to support such enormous data storage and retrieval. The primary purpose of the telecommunication channels offered by Cisco, Nortel, 3com and other major players has been to provide quality products for various purposes.

The other major concern that follows along with the need and use of technology is the threats associated with that. The network security has always been a concern from time immemorial. The recent attacks Google by Chinese has raised further concerns in the security arena. The networking domain of every company has been promoting its employees to quip in networking related programming to compete the competition in networking.

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