Monday, March 8, 2010

Memories for DELL Power Edge

Once you have bought your computer, the main thing you would be worried about is the obsolescence of technology. Yesterday I buy a computer with 2 Gz processor, 2 GB RAM, 320 GB Hard disk, and two days later I hear there is a 3 Gz processor, 3GB RAM and 500 GB Hard disk with Windows Seven installed at a slightly higher rate. My brand new computer becomes old in two days. I need not worry about it though. But with Dell, there is always the advantage of scalability and you can change your primary or secondary memory at any point of time. I am talking about my personal computer whose usage will not be as high as the high-end servers in organizations. What would they do? There is the Dell PowerEdge Memory which can be upgraded easily for servers. The servers have a very high capacity RAM to cater to various services it holds. Dell Power Edge is extensively used across organizations because most applications are web based these days. The PowerEdge Memory is very important to be available all the time because the server runs critical applications which cannot afford a Denial of Service. The PowerEdge Server RAM is quite different from what we use in our personal systems. It needs high performance which is provided by DELL.

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