Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Value Add to your Car

Owner’s pride!! What is it? A car of a fine make and that has got unique features which no one has can be your pride and others’ envy. My friend recently bought a Hyundai. It is a classy white car. It was a limited Sports edition and a coupe! What more a person needs to be proud of? She is just doing her Masters in Computer Science Engineering and she has got an awesome car. To make it even more awesome, she changed few of her parts by buying fashionable parts from Hyundai accessories. This made her car recognizable from any angle. Her interiors were also good. She had an awesome sound system. The car had a GPS installed and so many accessories which made driving a pleasure. It had glass holders, book holders which were a part of any other car as well. Anyways I was happy to travel by the car everyday because we were roommates. Technology has made everything customizable around us. You want to change anything you can. Even Dell is an example. You can choose its processor, RAM, Screen size, Graphics Adapter, Speakers, Battery, Hard disk and what not! Actually even the design or the skin of your laptop can be changed. All it takes a few clicks and a few days and you get a brand new notebook according to your needs. Am I digressing? Yep! I started writing about cars and now to notebooks. Practically speaking, there is no change of treating a product according to the types. It is all the technology and operations that matters. Be it a cake or a Pizza or a car or a laptop, you got a basic ingredients ready and the rest made to order. This makes service faster and of high quality. All that matters is the satisfaction of the customers and the differentiation of products and of course the value addition.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lighting is important

Lighting is important in every part of your space and time. It differs during every part of the day and you need sufficient brightness to be comfortably viewing things. Apart from the general lighting, light signals are very important and each coloured light signifies certain things. The ampoule is a small bulb which is used most commonly. There are different types of bulbs of different shapes which can enhance the ambience of your workplace or house. The recent technology is towards LED. You have LED lights and LED TVs everywhere. The ampoule a led is made of several LEDs of small size. The collection of LEDs gives a different effect than an ordinary bulb therefore it looks beautiful. There is another wonderful invention called the simulateur d’aube where it is possible to simulate certain moods and timings according to your requirement. It has a remote controlled lighting environment which allows you to make light settings at different times of the day automatically. Therefore you need not feel lazy to switch on and switch of lights because the settings will take care of it directly. It is so easy to control the lighting in your surroundings. This will help us save energy and money. This helps us to get rid of wrong lighting problems.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rapidshire Search

I am sure everyone reading this would have used Rapidshare at least once either for downloading songs or to look out for books and presentations. The best part is whatever the site offers are licensed and protected so that you can use it without fear of being right and of quality. The Rapidshare Search Engine is one of the most powerful search engines to search for specific content. You need not search anywhere else when rapidshare search is here. Thefileknow.com gives information about the recent searches and downloads on rapidshire. This helps you in deciding what is in news now. It is really interesting. Let's promote this free service using custom trading pins so that more tools like this available for us.

Bingo Online

Since the summers are making you tired and monotonous, it is time for some fun. I still remember the olden days of playing board games whenever we felt bored. Now the concept of sitting down in a group and playing has gone. Kids and adults have been sucked into the electronic world. There are no physical games being played now. All games that were initially played with boards, coins and dice have now been transformed into electronic form. Good to see the change of technology. The dependence of people around us has decreased to a great extent. Let me take for example the game Bingo! It is a chill out game where you have rules on the board where you got to buy some tickets and play. The catch word is the ‘Bingo’ which the player has to shout if the board is in the winning position. It takes a bit of knowledge and a few people to be played. Now you can play bingo online with lots of people around the country and it is so easy to learn the tactics because you learn the game with differentiated skills. The bingo terms are clearly explained on the websites. You can use them as reference and learn the game as you play.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Memories for DELL Power Edge

Once you have bought your computer, the main thing you would be worried about is the obsolescence of technology. Yesterday I buy a computer with 2 Gz processor, 2 GB RAM, 320 GB Hard disk, and two days later I hear there is a 3 Gz processor, 3GB RAM and 500 GB Hard disk with Windows Seven installed at a slightly higher rate. My brand new computer becomes old in two days. I need not worry about it though. But with Dell, there is always the advantage of scalability and you can change your primary or secondary memory at any point of time. I am talking about my personal computer whose usage will not be as high as the high-end servers in organizations. What would they do? There is the Dell PowerEdge Memory which can be upgraded easily for servers. The servers have a very high capacity RAM to cater to various services it holds. Dell Power Edge is extensively used across organizations because most applications are web based these days. The PowerEdge Memory is very important to be available all the time because the server runs critical applications which cannot afford a Denial of Service. The PowerEdge Server RAM is quite different from what we use in our personal systems. It needs high performance which is provided by DELL.