Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Technology in laboratory testing services

As I always talk and talk about the most important places where technology is being put to use and mankind is benefited from it, I am now going to brief about a very important place where technology is used. Laboratories and biopharmatics. These are the areas where I believe technology is being put to use to the best extent and people are benefited from it the maximum and still, technology is improving to better serve mankind. There are laboratory services information available on the Internet reading which you can better know what exactly they do and how well they would help a person in need. This includes Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical and Professional Scientific Staffing.

One important part of laboratory services that I wanted to write about here apart from professional scientific staffing is about the services to test biological products of a manufacturer comprehensively using industry standards of viral clearance and safety services. These include Unprocessed Bulk Testing and End of Production Cells along with Raw Materials Testing. There are ICH Q2 requirements that the product should meet and these can be thoroughly tested using viral testing.

Now, these are leaders of viral clearance and the company will have a technical staff to help the manufacturer on the design guidelines of FDA, ICH and EU Guidelines for Viral Safety Evaluation. What after a manufacturer's product clears the viral clearance test?. It is then transitioned to the supporting services of the company where the manufacturer gets Microbiology and Molecular and Cell Biology techniques and storage of the product with all the compliances.

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