Monday, May 16, 2011

Cloud Computing - The present and the next big thing

Now how many of us who boast to know the latest in IT, really know about Cloud Computing? Well, I conducted a short survey among my friends who work in IT and tested their knowledge on cloud computing. Frankly, only 60% of them knew about cloud computing to a good extent. The rest? They just knew the name as they would have heard some of us talk about it during one of our casual conversations.

Small and medium businesses that do or do not rely on the Internet to perform most of their businesses, should really sit up and take notice about cloud computing and the cheap costs associated with it. There have been issues of security, not denied, but there are companies like Virginia Beach cloud computing which provide maximum security to the data and services stored across the clouds. People are nowadays using cloud servers to host their blog - Reason is very simple - Cloud servers are very cheap and these services do not need full security. You can read about the security provided by cloud computing providers at Washington DC network security which would give a very good overview of the security provided over the networks. Go cloud, Go cheap yet secure IT services!.

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