Monday, October 1, 2012

Become Famous, Independently, thanks to Technology

Famous. That's the premier term associated with the entire entertainment industry and the like. Let's face the facts. There are many friends of mine who wanted to make it big in Show Biz but only ended up making short films or being assistant to short film makers, so on and so forth. Period. Nothing really big happened to them by magic or any charm. I chimed into their lives with my laptop then, introduced them to the world of technology and then they got to know about where they can share their videos, film-making news, meet up with other film makers and share their ideas or even come together to make something big. It is then they learned about showcasing themselves to the world and to stand on their own when it comes to entertainment.

So, there are social media sites which are dedicated for every thing that one wants to do. But seldom do film makers have time to check in to all those places and update their stuff and chances are there that people do not see their stuff at the end and all that hard work would go without any use. That is when we discovered - a FREE promotional platform for budding and independent Filmmakers + Recording artist. Even independent writers/film makers who just want their entertainment product to reach everybody out there can join InArtMedia now and see the reach of their product and gain great exposure to the world of entertainment, become famous and finally, say thanks to Technology!

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