Saturday, March 26, 2011

Managing your software with a TCO analysis

Since I am in the technology sector, I wanted to share about this term which many of the IT folks bounce into but are not sure of always. Total cost of ownership (TCO) of a software is essentially related to the costs which you or your organization which holds the software, may encounter while maintaining and using the software. Its very similar to maintaining a vehicle. This helps the managers and customers have a forecast of the spendings which they may need to do in order to keep their business running without any issues just because of the software. Speaking more about TCO, It is very less of a technological concept and more of a management and accounting one which doesn't really excite the developers but excites the management and the finances team. If you would like to learn and understand more about the analysis of performing a Total Cost of Ownership calculation, I would encourage you to look around the web for many resources and not confine yourself to a single source for information.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cooling and Energy Efficient Technology

I am sure people living in and around Phoenix, Arizona would agree with me when I say that summer is quite hot in this area. I know this because one of my good friends resides in this area and he always spoke about the hot summer that he faces in the months of May and June. So, for this year, I have decided to help him with the need to cool his home with the help of technology and also to ensure that he uses energy efficient systems so that it also contributes to the betterment of the environment and helps to go green. So, me and my friend started to search how technology helps keep one's place cool and at the same time conserves energy. Air conditioning was not the definite answer because there is too much of energy usage in it.

Whilst our search continued, we suddenly bumped upon the concept of geothermal cooling which was quite new to us and so we were quite excited to read about it and make ourselves familiar with it. So here is what we understood. The concept of geothermal air conditioning is where in one can make use of the geothermal energy stored in the earth to convert that geothermal energy into heat or cooling. We were quite excited about this and my friend is now looking forward to adopt this technology for his home and keep his home cool during the summer and also to make use of a geothermal heat pump to keep his home warm during the winter.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Asset Tags for businesses which embrace technology

Its 2011 and by this year that without technology, almost 99% of what is existing in this world would not exist!. So, the topic of discussion of this post ? - Asset tags. What are these?. These are those tags which help in asset tracking and management and this includes all small, medium and big companies who would want to track and manage their assets such as computers, furnitures and even lamps!. Asset Labels assist in easily identifying an item with its unique label that is to be sticked on to the asset that you want to recognize as an unique one.
So What are the steps to get asset tags ?
Find a fixed asset tags generator or a website that will help deliver assets ordered for your company. All you would need is to give in your requirements and the assets will reach your office.
Also, ordering Asset Tags is simple, again, thanks to technology and the Internet which makes this task simple and secure.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Digital media ware

The digital discs and other digital media are on an exponential increase. This fast paced growth of the digital media has surged the number of new software that are scripted. The software that is very prevalent in the recent times is the DVD Ripper since it is used to create a low size version of a high quality DVD. The ripped off version of a DVD are in fact referred to as the DVD rip. This software is also essential to people who upload the movies on torrent or rapidshare. They create a rip of the original DVD and upload it for everyone to download a high quality movie of lower size. The DVD Ripper Mac is also available which enables the apple users to rip off the DVDs.

The next most important software as far as the digital media is concerned is a video converter. The Video Converter mac is also available that one could use for the purposes of conversion of any given video in to any other format.