Thursday, June 30, 2011

Talk about collection!

On a different topic today, I recently heard from my friend on this fact: 'Experts contend that through rare gold coins, the economic wealth of a nation is sheltered from possible harm by functioning as an investment much like “gold bullion”. This is applicable during the times when the value of the paper money continues to depreciate.'

If you don't understand what that is, read on. What are bullion coins? These coins may have high values because they are not only limited; but also they may have been found in shipwrecks, or they may come from the ancient times. Bullion coins are the type of collector's items that many people look for.

The gold bullion could be the most well known type of bullion that is selling very well in the Internet aside from those that are to be considered to be most expensive and valuable items in the world.

The amazing 10-ounce Swiss gold bar, China gold panda set, and the American eagle proof set coins can also be found and are considered to be the most seen coins on the Internet. Yes, even you can buy gold bullion from the Internet from reputed and trusted traders. There are gold bullions found in the American Eagle set, Mixed Lots, Rounds, Bars, and any other similar categories that are found on some sites on the Internet.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blu Ray is in - But how to store movies ?

Well, for those of you geeks who still do not know what is Blu Ray technology, I would suggest to read about Blu Ray and its great advantages in High Definition Cinema and then read this post because I am going to discuss about storing Blu Ray videos on your PC(if you have a Blu Ray drive on your PC) and if possible, share with your friends over a standard DVD disc since they would only have a standard DVD RW drive.

Here's a startling fact about Blu Ray storage for starters - A single Blu Ray disc can store information about 25 GB on a single-layered disc and 50 GB dual-layered disc, technically both the layered are different but physically they all look the same.
Now how many 25 GB or 50 GB movies can you store on your PC if your hard drive storage is the typical 250 GB or 320 GB that people have at their homes ? 10 movies ? 12 movies for a stretch count ?? Is that a number first of all!.

Now here's the catch; You can now 'rip' away movies from Blu Ray format to standard DivX, Xvid or just MPEG4 and other various standard PC formats with very very less reduction in video quality. This is because Blu Ray discs are made to have movies that should to be played on high definition televisions and not on standard PCs!

This is where a Blu Ray DVD ripper will help you out! ImTOO Software Studio is very popular on the Internet users who usually buy DVD rippers to help them store movies at a compressed format (say at standard 700 MB) on their PCs. Now, ImTOO have produced their own Blu ray Ripper using which one can rip Blu Ray DVD movies to standard formats and store them without worrying the need for space. It supports PC, the Apple Ipad, Ipod and the PSP as well - reasons why it is the best in the ripper market. Check the neat product out and buy one because you might need it after you get your Blu Ray compatible drive for your PC ! Tell your friend if already has a Blu Ray drive.

For those who are looking to make a Blu Ray movie from already stored movies on their PC, there is the Blu ray Burner at your convenience. Talk about Technology for entertainment and Blu Ray is the first thing on my mind! How about yours!.