Monday, October 1, 2012

Security with SaaS

The latest technologies used in all fields in our day to day life are based on internet only. Hence internet security is the primary concern of all the users around the world. The users of the internet must be safe and secure while using the internet. Moreover the data should be protected from any virus so that they are not corrupted.

This can be done by using good virus protection software available in the market. Data may also be leaked accidentally or deliberately also which may cause major harm to the user. Hence data loss can be prevented by scanning all outgoing data and storing in a safe place.

Context aware security is important in our present world of technology. SaaS refers to software as a service which is of various types like human capital management, business intelligence, automation of sales force, etc. It is a prebuilt application which offers solutions in a multi customer business. SaaS improves human productivity to a great extent.

There are lots of saas model available in the market now and the users have to choose the appropriate software to suit their business needs. In a saas model the vendor supplies the same software to different customers through internet. This is cost saving to the vendor and the customer is also benefited. The user of saas model need not spend on the investment of the software and need not employ trained staff to run the program.

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