Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wireless security for your home

Intercom systems have come a long way with many innovative products. Now the intercom is operational without any cables and they are known as the wireless intercom system. They are portable and can be placed anywhere per your convenience and can be operated in our home, commercial offices or outdoors. A wireless intercom system is available in many ranges and features to suit our needs. It enables us to pass information quickly to our colleagues or subordinates in our office and complete our work in time. Moreover the information passed is known only to the particular person being contacted, thereby secrecy is maintained to protect our business interests. Network camera IP is a complete solution for a business man or a commercial entrepreneur to safeguard his interests against theft, robbery or any attacks from antisocial elements. IP internet camera is connected to our Internet enabled PC and the software used enables us to record the images from the camera to our computer’s hard disc. We are able to view the images from the camera remotely and also on web enabled phones. It is an economic way of video recording and remote monitoring by using the internet. A wireless doorbell comes in many types such as long- range, battery- powered or short-range ones depending upon your necessity. This also comes without cords and are portable in nature and also plug-in types with door chimes.

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