Thursday, August 9, 2012

Successful Infographic usages

Previously, I had written about what are Infographics and how they can be best used. Now, I thought I should follow up a bit on it and share some success stories that take the tech world on a high.

First, my favourite - Social Media Infographic.Marketo, a famous blog in the B2B space came up with a perfect Social Media Infographic that's titled 'Anatomy of Social Media Marketing Campaign' and boy, was it so delighting to have a look at the Infographic - it did not miss out even a single aspect of Social Media. Here's how it looks - credits to Marketo.

So, if you are a Social Media user(at least blogger and Google+) then you will surely get enthralled by studying information on this picture.

Ok, next up is something a little serious on technology and impact on humans. Going green at the London 2012 Olympics. This amazing infographic showcases how London 2012 minimized "trash" categories and enforced recycling and compost categorization of waste items.

Now, if you wonder where I got information about these amazing infographics it is a directory of the Best Infographic Sites that I found yesterday when looking around for Infographic best usages. You can go over and check out lots more yourselves!

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