Sunday, September 30, 2012

Send SMS from PC to phones for free

There have been many phone applications that can send SMS from phones to phones over the Internet connection on the phone. Geeks as we know them - they are those who are not glued to their phones but rather glued to their computers, a computer application (Windows AND Mac compatible) will help them send sms from pc to mobile to their fellow geeks or friends over the Internet and just not take away eyes from their ever loved PCs.

So this morning I was wondering if there is a nifty application that would help people (not just geeks!) to connect their phones to their computers and send SMS using the computer but in actual the SMS goes out from their phones. This is the best idea I thought of because it makes sure that the SMS is sent from the phone, there is a copy of the message in the phone and people who receive the SMS are sure it came from the sender only. But all in all, the SMS was typed on a computer! I read an article on how to send sms from pc on Wondershare and the software listed there actually matched what I just said above!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Let's talk about Multiprotocol Label Switching or MPLS

You have no idea what that is about right? Well, if you do have an idea then welcome to the league of new age networking gurus! Yeah, frankly, normal technology folks don't care about stuffs like these. Only a real geek will take time to learn this!

Let's get some history brought up. When the networking concept was introduced, computers were basically connected to one central hub and it thus formed point to point network. Experts then worked hard on an effective solution to address the problem of non-balance of nodes of the network. If one's down then there is a problem. Thus, MPLS Networks were formed (that's the title of this article) to accomodate all the nodes in an always-connected network. Too much technical terms will confuse one's mind here. In all, every large sized network can have MPLS switching done so as to ensure continuous availability for internodal realtime communications. So, if you are a business owner or you know some business who will need to ensure MPLS - get some MPLS Providers quotes online and let them flow!

Now Gigabit Ethernet makes Internet faster

Before I start writing about the advantages of Gigabit Ethernet, I'd want to say a few words about Ethernet. First thing - for non geeks - Ethernet is different from Internet. Whilst Internet is about connecting computers all over the globe, Ethernet was made a standard to connect computers locally or in technology terms - Local Area networks. That's the advantage of Ethernet; it takes care of local areas while Internet takes the pain of transmitting data over a large distance and hands it over to Ethernet and things fly by.

Speed was a crucial aspect of the Internet and most importantly, for Ethernet. The committee for standards - IEEE was always working on ways to speed up. Fast Ethernet followed and now - Gigabit Ethernet. What fascinates me (and will fascinate you as well) is that, theoretically speaking - Gigabit Ethernet can transfer data at the speed of 1 Gigabit per second. That's right. That is a huge amount of data. Gigabit Ethernet is delivered over fiber optic cables.

You might wonder if that is commercially available yet. Well, it is! There are service providers out there ready with quotes. All you have to do is reach out to Gigabit Ethernet providers and the rest will happen so fast that you will then understand its speed!