Saturday, October 27, 2012

Water Ionizers, Distillation, or Reverse Osmosis

As people are taking their diets and nutrition more seriously, and we learn more about the lax practices in drinking water maintenance and quality, more people are turning to water purification systems to make sure their drinking water is as clean as possible. People are worried about contaminants, chlorine, fluoridation, and many other things that enter the water supply.

So the real question is with a wide range of options available to clean water for personal use, which system is the best? Questions arise: which system works the best, which is the healthiest, which is the easiest to use, and even how these systems work. 

Distillation Units
The process of distillation is unique: instead of removing contaminants from your water, it removes your water away from your contaminants. Specifically, distillers heat water to the boiling point, trap the rising steam, and a cooling device to condense the water vapor into liquid again, leaving behind the contaminants. You end up with one tray full of clean water and another lined with left behind contaminants. The water is purified to drink.

The advantage of a distiller is easy installation, and that's about it. It really is just plug and use. The disadvantage is that a distiller strips water of all minerals – even the healthy ones. Water from distillers is also noted for their flat taste. Also, distillation units use way more electricity than simply boiling water on your stove-top would, because distilled water is all cooled and condensed. The process can take six to seven hours. 

Reverse Osmosis
The semi-permeable membrane used in reverse osmosis contains very tiny pores through which only water can flow. The small pores of this membrane are restrictive to compounds other than natural minerals, which have a larger molecular composition than water. These pores are also restrictive to bacteria and disease-causing microorganisms. Reverse osmosis is effective at cleaning water for drinking. In areas not receiving municipally treated water or at particular risk of waterborne diseases, reverse osmosis can be an ideal process to remove unwanted contaminants.

Reverse Osmosis machines don't have the same down sides as distillers: they don't remove all mineral content.  

Water Ionization machines
Water Ionizers are the only purification devices that filter your water and actually make your water healthier to drink. Machines like the Bawell Premier use electrolysis in addition to filtration to give water an antioxidant reductive property. If you are looking to balance your diet, increase nutrition uptake, and get more energy, this is the only choice. These are just some of the health benefits of ionizers and best of all they can be used with both distillation units and reverse osmosis machines. When used with distillation systems you will need to add minerals back into the water before it goes into the ionizer. When used with reverse osmosis you can actually just hookup the water ionizer machine directly to the RO system.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Message your friends' phones sitting at your computer

Yes, you read that right. Today I'm going to share with you all something anew that the geek world has been waiting for. I was looking for a software (standalone or desktop version available for both Windows and Mac) that will send SMS or Short Messaging Service messages to contacts in one's phonebook but reduces the two pains:
1. To enter numbers ourselves by connecting to our phone and actually sending messages via the phone.
2. By reducing pain 1, the message will carry our phone number and name! 

Such a send sms from pc service was found finally when I visited - the tech place which I frequently visit for all things softwares, for free! So, if you were also, like me, looking for a standalone desktop version software that will help you send sms from pc to mobile, then you just found the right place to get that!

Become Famous, Independently, thanks to Technology

Famous. That's the premier term associated with the entire entertainment industry and the like. Let's face the facts. There are many friends of mine who wanted to make it big in Show Biz but only ended up making short films or being assistant to short film makers, so on and so forth. Period. Nothing really big happened to them by magic or any charm. I chimed into their lives with my laptop then, introduced them to the world of technology and then they got to know about where they can share their videos, film-making news, meet up with other film makers and share their ideas or even come together to make something big. It is then they learned about showcasing themselves to the world and to stand on their own when it comes to entertainment.

So, there are social media sites which are dedicated for every thing that one wants to do. But seldom do film makers have time to check in to all those places and update their stuff and chances are there that people do not see their stuff at the end and all that hard work would go without any use. That is when we discovered - a FREE promotional platform for budding and independent Filmmakers + Recording artist. Even independent writers/film makers who just want their entertainment product to reach everybody out there can join InArtMedia now and see the reach of their product and gain great exposure to the world of entertainment, become famous and finally, say thanks to Technology!

Security with SaaS

The latest technologies used in all fields in our day to day life are based on internet only. Hence internet security is the primary concern of all the users around the world. The users of the internet must be safe and secure while using the internet. Moreover the data should be protected from any virus so that they are not corrupted.

This can be done by using good virus protection software available in the market. Data may also be leaked accidentally or deliberately also which may cause major harm to the user. Hence data loss can be prevented by scanning all outgoing data and storing in a safe place.

Context aware security is important in our present world of technology. SaaS refers to software as a service which is of various types like human capital management, business intelligence, automation of sales force, etc. It is a prebuilt application which offers solutions in a multi customer business. SaaS improves human productivity to a great extent.

There are lots of saas model available in the market now and the users have to choose the appropriate software to suit their business needs. In a saas model the vendor supplies the same software to different customers through internet. This is cost saving to the vendor and the customer is also benefited. The user of saas model need not spend on the investment of the software and need not employ trained staff to run the program.