Sunday, November 18, 2012

Easiest Internet access across America!

Well, if you thought 3G (or even the latest "hype" creating 4G), then you are totally wrong. The easiest Internet access in America is Dial up or DSL connections; and I'm not making that statement out of nothing. It is all from my extensive research from across many friends of mine, those who come to me with complaints of services not available when they step out of city. Well, that is a different topic altogether may be the argument most of you may make, but the bottom line is - DSL cannot be replaced. For those who cannot afford costly services, there is always the Dial up connection where you dial a phone number from your home phone connection with your dedicated Internet user ID and voila, you are connected to the Internet and all that is charged is from your phone. 

Affordable - that has become the key-of-the-key thing these days that people are looking for. There are people whom I know personally who just cannot handle budgeting for expensive services. I introduced them to affordable dial up services that are just about $9.95 per month and yes, it is an unlimited connection. No worrying about limits there. For those who can afford a bit more, there is the dsl connections which are wired directly to the router modem and once you are connected, you are always primed and ready to logon and logoff anytime. So, there's my points of the most essential thing these days - an internet service, affordable, reliable, full of technology and connected from America to the world!