Friday, August 9, 2013

Online Proofing Tools

Technology has created an easy and sophisticated lifestyle for many industries. The advancements in technology help to carry out any work within seconds which used to take hours. An online artwork approval system has brought many designers interested since they are able to submit their designs and receive feedback from their clients, in real time and online. Cloud-based proofing solutions for graphic designers are making effective use of the newest technology and are drastically reducing the time previous spent on sending and receiving tons of email with files, comments and revisions.

Nowadays you can find many online proofing tools which are helpful in checking and commenting on design files. Before proof reading was a time consuming activity and the accuracy level wasn't that great. An artwork approval system is very useful and helps to review and comment any designs before approving (or rejecting) it. This workflow helps in eliminating flaws. Nowadays there are many online proofing tools on the market and designers and publishers are having a hard time choosing the right one. And all online proofing solutions are trying to emphasize their unique attributes to stand out amongst others.

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