Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Should you consider Google Drive migration software?

Google Apps helps companies to run many aspects of their business online by creating a virtual workspace and providing easy collaboration among the employees. By putting companies business operations in the cloud Google Apps enables the companies to have a centralized location where all of the business operations are located thus providing employees an easy and secure way to access the files on which they are granted an access.

After moving to Google Apps, it is only logical to think about file server migration to Google Drive. It is possible to do this by uploading each files individually to the Google drives of the employees and set the permissions one by one, however obviously it will take a lot of time and effort let alone the human error factor in case there are many relations in place for the files.

Instead, companies can use specialized Google Drive migration software such as Nava Certus. Nava Certus allows companies who have moved to cloud to do a file server migration to Google drive while maintaining the permissions employees have on the files. Using two types of migrations offered by NC, companies can replicate their file servers on the Google drive without any manual effort.

With centralized migration, they can move files from a centralized file-server to a single employee’s Google Drive. From there, the files will be shared to others based on permissions at the source. This approach allows the company to control all documents from one account.

With a distributed migration, Nava Certus determines the owner of each file and migrates the file to the owner’s Google Drive. In this scenario, it is possible for files to be distributed relatively evenly between their owners, so that employees can stay within the default storage quota of Google Drive.

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