Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How To Pick A Low Radiation Level Cell Phone

Learn how to pick a cell phone based on its radiation level. The lowest radiation level cell phone today is the Samsung Galaxy Note.  

How To Pick A Low Radiation Level Cell Phone

If you've been thinking about buying that latest fancy model of cell phone and are confused by all the features they're putting on those things now, you might be wise to consider something else. This particular factor is something that has nothing to do with convenience unless you consider the idea of getting a brain tumor inconvenient.
The list we're referring to is the list of the 20 lowest rated cell phones, for electromagnet radiation, in the US. Maybe you're one of the still large group of people who didn't know that cell phone radiation was even an issue, but it certainly is.
The research that has been done so far is inconclusive, for several reasons, but it's got a lot of people worried. Cell phones are something virtually everybody has nowadays and you're starting to even see little kids with them. Of course, teenagers have just got to have the latest one to keep in style at school too, right.
But at issue is the fact that lots of consumer advocates and many researchers believe that, over time, the minute amounts of electromagnetic radiation that come from cell phones can harm your health (Details: Cell Phone Radiation Effects). This radiation is suspected of being the cause of not only brain tumors but also Alzheimers and several other notorious health problems.

US Government Takes A Stand

The US government hasn't officially taken a stand yet but the FCC does require all cell phones sold in the US to have a label that shows something called a SAR, or Specific Absorption Rate. This figure, which needs to be below 1.6 to be considered safe and to be legally sold in the US, refers to the amount of radiation a human body might potentially absorb when using that phone. Anything 1.6 or higher is considered potentially a health risk.
Plus, you know that the manufacturers must know something we don't because even they say, in the small print in their instructions, that you should keep the phone away from your body when using it (i.e. via the speakerphone feature). But not many people seem to have noticed that part.

Lowest Radiation Level Cell Phone Available In 2013

The list recently published online lists 20 cell phones (Source: CNET). The Samsung Galaxy Note (sold by T-Mobil) came in with the lowest (i.e. safest) rating of only 0.27. It was followed by the same model in an ‘unlocked' version which had a rating of 0.28, and then Verizon's model of the same Samsung unit which had a rating of 0.28.
Down on the other end of the scale, i.e. the phone with (comparatively) the highest SAR ratings, you find the LG Optimus Vu (SAR 0.462), Samsung Galaxy S. Relay (SAR 0.47), and the Samsung Rugby 3 (SAR of 0.47).
Of course it's clear that none of these units are over the 1.6 mark but still it's nice to be aware of what the office ratings are. As more and more people become sensitive to this issue, they're looking for a simple but effective way to protect themselves ‘just in case'. One new technology that does so is the sophisticated film sold by a Canadian company called Aires Shield. The product sticks on the back of your cell phone unit and shields you (the user) from any harmful radiation. It's called Aires Defender. You can find it online.

By: Jeremy M. a Technology blogger at the Canadian Health and Wellness Association Blog.

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