Friday, November 22, 2013

Effects of cell phone radiations

In the present world we are witnessing numerous mysterious threats but still many people are unaware of cell phone radiation effects. With growing population the cell phones users are increasing day by day and the latest advancements in it has given rise to smart phones. The smart phone is a major trendsetter in the world of phones which allows one to stay updated and publish his views to all his friends and families instantly. 

             People tend to ask, “Is cell phone radiation dangerous?”

The health risks of cell phone radiation are real and dangerous to us. The major aspect of cell phones was to help people communicate without any interference but it has become one of the major threats to us. We walk across dangerous cell phones radiation unknowingly since we are very much into its advantages and we tend to forget it adverse effects. The side effects of cell phone radiation may vary from person to person. The widely experienced effects are insomnia, migraine headache, brain tumors and dizziness.  

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