Friday, November 15, 2013

Technology in sports

Technology plays a key role in everyone’s life and we can’t deny the fact that we can’t imagine a world without it now. Social network is the latest technology which is creating a buzz around the world. There are many utilization of social network like stay connected to friends and family around the world. The evolution of smart phones has helped the social network to connect millions of people. The smart phones help them to share any information, photos and videos to their friends easily. The social network helps people stay updated to news around the world.
People who are enthusiastic in sports can stay connected to all the action around the world with the help of social network. English premier league is followed by millions of people across the world. With the arrival of new players and managers this season has created a lot of anticipation amongst the fans. The fans are eager that their favorite clubs will top the charts of the points table. The football social network allows fans to stay connected to all the games. Blackburn football videos allow the fans to watch the highlights of the league matches. When it comes to league matches there are lot of drama and anxiety in the field. The funny football videos are a delight to watch which involves many humorous moments in the field. 

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