Tuesday, June 4, 2013

SharePoint Marketing Suite CRM Integration and Lead Scoring

Use of CRM system to identify prospective customers and customize the experience of existing customers can give a good boost to any business. By integrating this system with SharePoint Marketing suite, the administrator or the business owner is able to identify what their customer likes. This data can be personalized for each customer and can be collected in the form of simple numbers. A customer may take a look at various other products and compare them before they finally buy one. By recording his/her browsing habits, a specific type of products can be attributed to that particular customer. The administrator can take a look at this data and detect prospective leads which are likely to make a transaction or purchase with the business. Such leads can be ranked and then approached in a more personal way like mail or phone to convert them in to sales. This system also can help the customers by recommending what they may like.

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SharePoint Marketing Suite

Converting visitors to customers and sales is the biggest challenge of any business. If you are running an online business, then this can be made easy by using SharePoint Marketing Suite. Generally, a bunch of tools are used to gather the analytics and different types of user data of a web page. With all these numbers, advanced programming is needed to convert them in to useful results. All this takes time and effort. Using SharePoint Marketing suite, you can deploy all kinds of analytics tools on your website and track them instantly. You can make changes and view instant results without any delay. Data like the location of customers, their behavior on site, click analytics, time spent can all be recorded and can be converted to meaningful data with no hassle in SharePoint Marketing suite. This data can then be integrated with A/B Testing to refine the results. Based on this database, the owner of the business can design specific deals and personalized email and send it to the targeted person to convert him/her in to customers.

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